History Pattaya Project

9th Jul 2010


The first Street Kids home was situated in the center of Pattaya, in a small run down house. Started in 1990, it was at first difficult to get the children to stay with us as there was too much temptation to go back onto the streets. Also, due to the home being so small, we were limited to the number of children we could accommodate.

In 2000, a new home was built on land several miles from the city center and all the boys were moved into it. Being in the countryside, which is where most Thais live, the boys settled down to a normal life. They grew fruit and vegetables, and kept chickens and fished in the stream running along side the home. Within a year the home was extended to accommodate more boys.

Meanwhile, the girls were still living at the original home in the center of Pattaya, and so it was decided that they should also have their own home next to the boy’s home.

In 2002, a new five-story building was opened and the girls moved into their new home. There is now room for 80 girls.

In 2003, it was decided that the boy’s home was too small, and so building work began on a new home for all the boys. The new boys home, when filled to capacity, will be able to accommodate 320 boys.

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Drop-In Center for Street Kids

27th Oct 2013

The Drop-In Center and the Fr. Ray’s Village are managed by the Fr. Ray Foundation, founded to help the disadvantaged of Thailand. he Drop-In Center means they have a safe place to sleep, they won’t go to bed feeling hungry, they have someone to talk to and they are beginning have their childhood back again.