50% of all out of school children world-wide are accounted for by Sub-Saharan Africa
12% of people in the developing world could be lifted out of poverty if they had basic reading skills
Global Angels has provided 1.5 million school meals for children since 2005, through our school feeding programme.
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Access to education is denied to children throughout the world and the statistics are heartbreaking.

Education is the single best investment countries can make towards building prosperous, healthy and equitable societies. Long term, sustainable solutions look at the whole community. These solutions work on each level to develop and resource individuals and families so the community is able to resource and keep on transforming itself.

Education is one of the main drivers for ending extreme poverty. Girls who are educated are more  able to protect themselves against HIV/AIDS, marry later in life, have healthier children, and can have work opportunities beyond the home. Boys who are educated may be able to break a family cycle of hard labor and typically earn more than their non-educated counterparts.




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“Education is the single best investment countries can make towards building prosperous, healthy and equitable societies.”

United Nations


Tsavo School Feeding Project

This year the Tsavo region has been hit by a particularly severe drought and crop failure, making it even more difficult for families to survive, making a school feeding programme vital over the next one to two years.Many women and children are walking up to 10-15km each day in their search for safe drinking water resulting in lower school attendance. We are working on providing the 100,000 people in this area with the long term solution of providing continuous access to safe drinking water alongside a short term solution of a school feeding program during this crisis.


Sunshine Centre, Cambodia School Feeding Project

Global Angels support the Sunshine Center situated in the heart of Phnom Penh, Cambodia's capital city.The Centre runs programs attended by over 90 kids and works to introduce training and micro-enterprise programs to help Cambodian families break the poverty cycle.

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Kamakwie Children’s Community Village

Currently, over 100 children are provided with shelter, education, training opportunities, care and support. Training in skills such as bee keeping, farming, sewing and small business management help the children learn and develop capabilities that will allow them to support themselves and their community in the future.


Village Of Refuge, Uganda

We partner with projects working in Lukodi, near Gulu, who have created a sustainable and replicable long-term village of refuge and care for teenage mothers and their children; girls who have been abducted, brutally treated and forced to serve as soldiers and “wives” of rebel commanders. Global Angels provided funds for building the boarding school, vocational centre and refurbishment of an abandoned primary and secondary school for 750 local children. We now provide seeds, cows and other animals for the beginnings of a sustainable farm and business, the first six months food and education for the young families in the program and a van for transport.


Mucojo School Feeding Project

Adding a school feeding program to a local school encourages parents, struggling to provide food for their children, to send them to school. Having a vegetable garden attached to a school or orphan project, where the children participate in growing nutritious food for themselves and their community, encourages families to have their own garden plots and educates them on long term healthy eating. This is a sustainable and pragmatic way to ensure the feeding program can be replicated and transform communities across the globe.


Natwangie School Feeding Project

Global Angels have been providing food for nearly 600 children in a project run by the Dominican Sisters and led by Sister Gaydentia. Officially the project is called Natwangie Youth Village and is a community school for orphans and vulnerable children who have not been in a regular school due to lack of support. Our school feeding program enables these children to take part in education and learning whilst being properly fed in school.


Providing Education for Street Kids & Orphans

This faith based children’s village in Northern Kenya, rescues and rehabilitates street children and orphans from the massive Kibera slum surrounding central Nairobi, and other city slums throughout Kenya, providing them with schooling and a family environment where they can get the necessary skills in order to be independent and valuable contributors to their communities. This award winning project is without doubt, one of the most amazing success stories for street children and orphans in Africa.


Training Medics for Jungle Clinics

Since 2011, Global Angels has been funding 26 Karen students to undergo their first, second and third year medic training to help staff the 32 mobile health clinics serving 125,000 people in the region. A growing number of skilled volunteers from the UK have given up their time over the last 8 years to train medics, dentists and midwives in order to relieve suffering and care for these vulnerable people in isolated and high-risk areas.

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Esiloya Masai School Project

The Esiloya Masai community is made up of many tiny villages in a remote part of the Kajiado district of the Masai Mara. Long term droughts over the last 10 years have caused severe problems for the families in this region.

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